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Unique -V- Custom

How Do We Define "Unique" And "Custom" Items At The Yellow Sub Smoke Shop?

A "Custom" item is normally made specific to the request of another person and can also be defined as a "One Of A Kind" Item.

FYI - The Yellow Sub Smoke Shop Seldom Sells "Custom" Items, If We Do We Will Create A "Custom Items" Category.

Almost all Glass, Wood, Metal, Stone or Acrylic items will have slight differences even though they may look alike. These changes may be slight variations in Color, Shape, Size, Weight, Striping/Blending or Assembly making them a "Unique" item.

  • All Item Descriptions and Titles are provided by the vendors.
  • The Yellow Sub Smoke Does Not Edit Or Spell Check Vendor Supplied Information.
  • The Yellow Sub Smoke Will Add "Notes" To Item Descriptions If We Find Anything That May Vary From The Vendors Provided Information.

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